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Old Thu Jan 26, 2006, 05:17pm
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I had a partner last Tues night that I haven't worked with before for a varsity boys game. We talked through a pre-game and everything sounded good ... and it was until the 2nd quarter.

I was in Lead when the ball was stolen near the FT line ... the kid with the ball was moving fast, as I stopped at about the opposite FT line (now Trail) my partner called a charge. He was about straight across from me, as he couldn't keep up with the kids quite as well, when he made the call. I thought the kid flopped worse than anything I've seen a couple seasons - but I differed to his call, as it was his area and didn't think much more of it.

The offending kids coach jumped all over my partner, but calmed down quickly to avoid the T. 30 seconds (game time) later found me in the Lead at the opposite end, a kid gets bumped and "tweet!" ... charge from my partner in the Trail (ball was in the post - right in front of me)!

Now, I don't care if I disagree with a call, whatever, I'll support you - but 2 charges, 30 seconds apart, with the 2nd called out of his area!?!? I couldn't believe it.

I didn't know what to say to him ... so I didn't say much at all. I work a JV game with him again next week - would you make a comment, or hope it was a one time thing?
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Old Thu Jan 26, 2006, 05:41pm
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I would pre-game court coverage like it was ESPN sportscenter covering the superbowl! Beat it like a dead cat. Tell him that if it is in my area let me make the call if you belive it is bad enough and I truly missed it, come late with it but make sure your area is covered.
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Old Fri Jan 27, 2006, 09:07am
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Similar plays should result in similar calls. Maybe he didn't trust you to remember that in the heat of that play. Yes, it was out of his area, but my guess is he grabbed it b/c it was a similar play and he wanted to make sure that you (as a crew) had consistent calls on both teams at each end of the court.

I agree that it would've been better if he'd let you make the call. But without having worked with you before, he may have been unwilling to give you first crack. He probably already had in his mind to find the first thing that looks close to a charge and put a whistle on it; especially if, as you say, the first one was marginal.

The worst thing would have been for him to have a charge on A1 on that marginal call, and then for you to have a block on a similar play against A2. Now you've got Coach A screaming about how come it's a charge against my kid on this end and the same play is a block against my kid on that end?

Sounds to me like your partner was ensuring consistency, and just didn't trust you yet to make the similar call. Talk about it when you work again. Ask him about that particular play, if you didn't already talk about it. Tell him you'll try to remember what's been called and call the game the same way. Maybe he'll put that faith in you and let you make the charge call next time. Good luck.
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