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Old Tue Jan 17, 2006, 09:28am
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I had a varsity girls game last night. The away team tied it up with 12 sec. left. The home team calls timeout, after that gets the ball in and drives to the hoop. Player from the Away team just kills her. I come up with a foul (so did the center) I reported it, girl made both free throws and the away team lost. I had to hear let the kids decide the game, you can't call that with only 6 sec. remaining ect. I know the call was right, one of my partners had the same call as me. I have always been told to ref to the end, then why do I feel so bad making the game ending call. (Even though the team had a chance to shoot at the buzzer)
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Old Tue Jan 17, 2006, 09:33am
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Why didn't the coach teach his kids to play good D and not foul? Ref right to the buzzer. Good call don't sweat it.
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Old Tue Jan 17, 2006, 09:37am
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You feel bad because the coach put the thought in your mind. Your measuring your game skills by who won or who lost.

Your convinced you made the correct call - congradulations! Move on.

Coach says "let the players decide it": Sounds to me like they did.

Another thought a veterean ask me once in a close game situation: if the "other" team had won the opening jump ball, how different would things be right now?

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Old Tue Jan 17, 2006, 09:46am
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What if you didn't call that foul? Then you still would've been making the "game-ending call". Your no-calls require the same judgment as your calls. You had to decide either way. If you hadn't blown the whistle, you would've made the call that allowed the other team to win.

Call the fouls at the end of the game and let the teams have their chances at the FT line.
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Old Tue Jan 17, 2006, 10:09am
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Anyone see the end of regulation for the KU/Mizzou game yesterday?
Moody of KU is clearly fouled attempting a short shot with less than a second remaining. The official makes a quality foul call. They put 0.4 back on the clock because it had run out. Moody misses both FTs and Mizzou wins in OT.

Those officials did exactly the right thing. The foul was properly penalized right up to the final horn and the kid had his chances. He simply missed and the other team prevailed.

Does anyone think that the ref would have felt bad for calling that foul if Moody had made a FT? I doubt it. Strength is required in officiating.

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Old Tue Jan 17, 2006, 11:11am
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Thank you.. thank you.. thank you.

Had that happen to me last Friday. Girls varsity 2 good teams. Away team has ball with 7 seconds left, runs a play, shooter gets fouled, I (T)call it, C calls it. Split second later horn sounds. We put the shooter on the line with no time on clock for two shots. She makes the first one. Game over.

We got the "let the kids decide it, etc, etc" and, to be honest, I felt like PIAAref. I won't apologize for the call, but it is kind of a crappy way to end the game.

The end of the Kansas/Mizz game made me feel better as well as the thoughts on this thread.
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Old Tue Jan 17, 2006, 04:29pm
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Probably has been said already but the kids did decide it. The defender decided to try and block a shot, and instead committed a foul. No brainer to me.

One minute you're criticized for calling too much, the next for not calling enough. I wish the fans and coaches would be more consistent.
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