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Old Sun Jan 15, 2006, 11:48pm
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I started a new thread so that you could get your advice with the extra stuff distilled out.

As for adjusting to the different levels, I agree that it is difficult. I suggest that you ask your assignor for a day of all 7th grade, and then another day of all 3rd grade, and then another day of all 5th grade, and like that. For the first few times, you'll be able to get settled into a groove for that level. Then when you're doing a mixed-up day, you'll have those grooves to refer back to.

The other way to learn is to just go watch others that do a good job. Pick out someone in your rec league who has lots of experience and watch them do a day of mixed-up levels. Ask them how they adjust, and what you can do. Maybe have them come to one of your days and kibitz from the sideline.

The most important thing is to just keep working. Keep asking questions, keep trying to get better, keep watching others, keep doing your best. You'll get better before you realize it. Next year, you'll be driving home and you'll think, "Wow! I did really well. Last year I could never have handled a day like that and here I am just skating through." That's the best feeling of all, and worth working for.
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Old Mon Jan 16, 2006, 12:02am
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Rainmaker thanks for the advice
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Old Mon Jan 16, 2006, 01:55am
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Thanks for starting this thread to answer the original question. Your response is helpful to all of us who are officiating multiple levels at once!
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Old Mon Jan 16, 2006, 08:49am
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Before I became

a registered ref I worked a number of multi-age tournaments (3 v 3, AYBT, etc.). I would have 4/5 graders one game, varsity the next. Talk about change of pace! What helped me was getting clear in my mind BEFORE each game, how we would call it (you can't call traveling as tight on 4/5 graders as you would varsity). This relates to contact, 3 seconds and all the other little areas where youngsters may need a bit more leeway to keep the game a bit more fluid. As for the speed of the game, cut yourself some slack in the first few minutes of the game to adjust. Your instincts should take over and allow you to call a good game. You will get better at adjusting the more you work in a changing game environment.

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