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Ref-X Wed Dec 28, 2005 08:18am


Originally posted by fonzzy07
I may be wrong, but it still seems to me like their was something else besides this push and the one kid being better then the other that made the fight break out. I'm with you guys tho that its not always the refs fault. I guess what I'm asking is what would you have done if you were those refs, and does anyone think that they as a ref could have prevented this?????
Like I said I did not see the entire game. But what I did get to see was some good play from both teams. No trash talking or anything like that.
All the mouthing off was coming from the parents. It was the kind of thing you hear at most games from parents. “What are you doing” “where’s the foul” “make a lay-up Timmy” that king of thing. In my opinion many of these kids are not allow to enjoy playing the game and have fun. There is presser to win from coaches & parents for there own selfish reasons. I think this kid folded under that presser. This is not the first time I have seen a kid snap under the presser but never like this. So I don’t know what the Officials could have done to prevent this. I do know they took the right actions after. The rest of that game was very quiet.

Camron Rust Wed Dec 28, 2005 02:18pm

Re: we need the whackinator!

Originally posted by Nevadaref

Originally posted by Ref-X
The Official signals an intentional foul. As Team B point is getting off of Team A point. Team A point gives him a little push. Then Team B point goes nuts and jumps all over Team A point.
Technical foul on A1, which becomes fighting and is flagrant, when B1 retaliates by fighting. (4-18-2) A1 and B1 are both DQ'd.

While it is possible, I don't think that is automatic for A1's T to become fighting just because B1 retaliates by fighting. If A1's actions were a run-of-the-mill shove that wouldn't otherwise provoke fighting, I'd keep it a plain T. If A1's actions were provocative (chasing down B1 and/or accompianied with posturing or verbal assaults), then, sure, call it fighting.

JCrow Wed Dec 28, 2005 02:30pm

Team A's point guard sounds like all the guys I attempted to defend in my career!

Can't see anything the Officials could do? Sometimes Coaches and Parents whip the kids up past the point that they can emotionally handle it.

When you're Coaching against a dominate kid, it's a lot better to spread the responsibility for gaurding him to your whole Team. Trap him or allocate a big dose of weakside help.

Sounds like Team B's Coach was hanging B1 out to dry 1-1 on this kid.

refnrev Wed Dec 28, 2005 09:58pm

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Ref-X
[B][QUOTE]Originally posted by Ref Daddy
I never would have guessed the coach and parents would get in to it. As an Official we hear coaches and parents yelling at the kids all the time.


Don't forget the sad but universal truth, "The younger kids, the dumber the parents!"

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