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Old Wed Nov 09, 2005, 02:36pm
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NFHS part 1 help

#24 - When a technical Foul is also charged indirectly to a head coach, it only counts as one team foul...

I got true... I'm running a mind blank and can't find the rule to back me up...

#88 - A time-out request should only be granted after a player directed to leave the game has been replaced...

I have false.. Again I can't find the rule, but the proceedure is report the foul, notify coach, THEN put time, then tell player correct? Rule 5-8-3b? I guess I don't quite understand the wording.

#95 - No violation occurs if dribbler A1 steps on a boundary line when the hand is not in conact with the ball...

I have false. A1 still has control of the ball and voluntarily stepped on the boundary line. correct?

#99 - It is a violation if, in A's frontcourt, A1 passes to A2 but A2 fumbles the ball in the backcourt where it remains untouched for 10 seconds...

I got lost and can't think of even where to start... Only thing I can think of since there is still team control after the fumble they still have control... But has the ball gained back court status? Poorly worded question or am I just looking too deep in the question?

Thank for the help!

EDITED for a better thread title and spelling :-)

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Old Wed Nov 09, 2005, 02:47pm
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# 88: You might want to re-read rule 5-8-3b

# 99: A new 10-second count needs to be started, thus if the count reached 10 seconds, it'd be a violation.
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Old Wed Nov 09, 2005, 02:51pm
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I figured I was mixed up on number 88... 99 just seemed like a trick question almost.
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Old Wed Nov 09, 2005, 02:56pm
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#24 -- see 4-8-2

#95 -- see 9-3 Note.

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