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Old Wed Nov 17, 2004, 11:00am
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I know that Illinois has adopted a Mercy Rule for this year (the same one they tested early last year). However I can't find it documented anywhere. I'm pretty sure the score seperation is 30 points or more, but I can't find any other details. Does anyone have this info?
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Old Wed Nov 17, 2004, 11:21am
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It applies only in the 4th quarter.

Once the mercy rule is into affect, you cannot stop the application of the rule.

The clock runs through everything except a timeout or injury.

It applies to all games during the regular season regardless of what level and what the coaches agree to.

That is all I can remember at this time. I wish the IHSA gave us a handout or some kind of reference point to confirm this rule. Because I know already someone is going to disagree and say one thing and another person is going to claim another part of this rule and we will have confusion.

"When the phone does not ring, the assignor is calling."

Charles Michael “Mick” Chambers (1947-2010)
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Old Wed Nov 17, 2004, 01:17pm
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Talking Mercy Rule

Yep, Like last night, first game of season, second qtr home up by 25pts, timer and scorer ask us at what point does the rule kick in...

We went to locker room at half, looked in Rule Book, Case Book, no guidance on the administration...looked at handouts from rules interp meeting no guidance...looked at notes from rules interp meeting some guidance but not crystal clear on the administration of the rule...

1] who determines or signals to timer to not stop clock...
2] is it 30-pts after the third qtr and before start of 4th...
3] what happens if 29 pts at end of 3rd comes out with PA 1-pass hits 3pt bucket...does clock run rest of game or do we still have regular clock stopping on all whistles etc

We did what we thought was logical. Home was up by 32 at end of 3rd qtr so R had discussion with both coaches and the scorer and timer...followed by announcement over PA regarding the rule...all went fine except leading coach used [IOHO] most of his remaining time outs...oh well...
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Old Wed Nov 17, 2004, 08:48pm
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Check your accounts!!

Just logged in. And it's right there. Log onto the Official's Center at IHSA and it's at the top of your messages. Or here's what the message says:

To: IHSA Basketball Officials
From: Beth A. Sauser/Kurt J. Gibson
Date: November 16, 2004
Re.: Mercy Rule/Long Switch Mechanic

Since the basketball rules interpretation meetings, there have been a number of calls and e-mails to the office concerning the Mercy Rule and the Long Switch Mechanic to be used in 3-person crews. The purpose of this memo is to hopefully clear up any lingering questions about those two issues.

As explained at the rules interpretation meetings, the “Mercy Rule” will be utilized in contests with a 30 point differential in score during the fourth quarter only in all regular season basketball contests in Illinois this year. Schools do not have the option to determine whether or not a contest can use the “Mercy Rule”. It must be used in any regular season contest that has the necessary conditions for implementation.

Once the clock begins running continuously because of the point differential, it is to remain running for the rest of the contest, even if the point differential drops under the 30 point barrier during the fourth quarter. Before listing the five times when the clock may stop during a contest where the “Mercy Rule” is being utilized, two more notes. First, if a contest should begin its fourth quarter with a 30 point differential in score or greater, the entire fourth quarter will be played with a running clock. In other words, the “Mercy Rule” will not be used prior to the fourth quarter of any contest. Secondly, if by chance, a contest used the “Mercy Rule” because of the point differential and the trailing team somehow tied the contest at the end of regulation, any and all subsequent overtime periods would be played using the continuous clock. Although it is highly unlikely that this scenario would occur, we want you to be prepared to handle that situation.

The five times, then, when the clock can be stopped once it starts running due to the “Mercy Rule” are as follows:
• A team time-out
• To replace a disqualified player
• To administer a technical foul
• To attend to an injured player
• Any other situation of concern to an official

In addressing the Long Switch mechanic with 3-person crews, there has been some discussion concerning whether or not a switch should occur when a foul is called in a teamÂ’s front-court, there will be no free throws shot, and the subsequent play is going the other way. While officials realize that this year the calling official is to go table side after making his/her call, in any situation where a foul is called, no free throws will be shot, and the play will be going the other way, no long switch needs to occur by the officials in a contest. In the play being described, the calling official simply needs to clear the action on the floor, get to the reporting area and call the foul, and then return to his/her position for the subsequent throw-in. All officials are strongly encourage to review the 3-person mechanics PowerPoint presentation on the IHSA OfficialsÂ’ Center. Not only is it a great review, but it contains this exact play, and would be a benefit for all officials to review.

Thanks for your attention to these matters. As always, if you have additional questions, feel free to contact either Beth A. Sauser or Kurt J. Gibson at the IHSA Office.
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Old Thu Nov 18, 2004, 11:40am
Do not give a damn!!
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I am glad they clarified this.

I had talked to a few officials that did not understand when the rule was to be applied or could not remember when the rule should be applied. At least this takes away that confusion.

Good job on Kurt and Beth's part.

"When the phone does not ring, the assignor is calling."

Charles Michael “Mick” Chambers (1947-2010)
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