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Old Thu Jan 25, 2001, 12:01am
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A slight twist on the flagrant foul post below:

Jugglin Ref and i have had this convo before.
What happens when a coach is yappin, get's a single Flagrant T, or 2 direct or whatever. You should all know what it takes to get a coach sent home

How do you signal his ejection? I've only had to use this procedure once, but i calmly after stopping the clock, signaling the T, i then pointed at the offender, than pointed to the door. All under control. Obviously this isn't in the FEd manual, but what do you guys do?
Some games don't have a PA system and part of the purpose of officials signal's in any sport is to relay a message to the fans.

For the record, I've been told a highly respected provincial supervisor in Ont used the baseball heave-ho signal, so i guess i'm kinda learning from example.

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Old Thu Jan 25, 2001, 08:48am
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I've only ejected a coach a couple of times in my career. When I had to do so, I simply told him, "Coach, that's your second technical. You need to go to the locker room." I don't believe a visual signal is required, nor is it really necessary. But . . . if a calm pointing in the direction of the door is used, I guess I don't have a big problem with that, either.
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Old Thu Jan 25, 2001, 09:25am
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I gave the boot once.

The coach went on the floor (he blew right by me) to go after my partner. I whacked him once, no brainer there. I walked out told him to get back to the bench, he ignored me and kept moving forward (at this point all 5 of his girls were trying to stop him). I wacked him a second time a told to keep walking to the locker room.

It was kind of obvious to everyone so I didn't use any signal. In fact mid motion of the second T the Ad was already on his way out to get him.
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Old Thu Jan 25, 2001, 05:59pm
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Never booted the coach but have booted players. I did not give a signal, just informed the table and coaches of the # of the disqualified players from each side and had them deal with the rest.

I would do the same thing with a coach ejection.
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