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Old Sun Nov 05, 2000, 03:09pm
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Our BP Top of the world Classic Basketball Tournament will get under way in Fairbanks, Alaska on November 16th at 7PM AST.

This year there will be 2 experimental rules;
1) The use of the "International Key" (Trapezoidal Key)

2) NBA restriction ARC of 4 feet, you know the dotted arc in front of the basket.

The folks keeping stats will turn over the numbers to the rules committee, (i have not seen exactly what they are asking for yet!) and the coach's and referee's will also have to fill out reports on the rules impact from there perspective's.

I also understand that the NCAA and Dr. Hank Nichols have instructed at referee clinics that the game will be called much tighter then in previous years. (Screening, Off the Ball and Post Play.)

So what do you think???
Why are they testing these rule changes?
Do you think the rules committee will adopt the changes?
What do you think of the "Emphasis" on calling a tighter game?

Looking foreword to your reply's

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Old Mon Nov 06, 2000, 01:16am
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Physical game

I had a chance to view the Hank Nichols video today at a clinic. The point of emphisis this year is totally on the physical game. Handchecking, screening, post play with and without the ball. It is a much tighter game that the NCAA wants to call. In fact, the clinician running the clinic said he called a game at the Air Force Academy last week that took 2 1/2 hours.

The purpose of calling the game tighter is to try to get the game back to the finess game. Right now it is a way too physical game.

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Old Mon Nov 06, 2000, 02:53pm
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Take a look at the NBA game the last few years, and realize that their style of play is beginning to filter down to the NCAA level and Nichols et al want to stop that trend right now...the same is true on the women's side - huge emphasis on handchecking and post play this far as the international key and others, I don't know why they would be using that unless they want to see what impact it has on the game...if positive, maybe they will consider moving to those rules...
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Old Mon Nov 06, 2000, 05:22pm
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For those who want to read about the NCAA women guildlines being put forth this year check it out.


keep smiling
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Old Thu Nov 09, 2000, 12:11pm
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Thumbs up Players adjust!

I have had the pleasure of officiating five games in the last two weeks which have used the new NCAA "Points of Emphasis." The first game was a nightmare....about 90 fouls!! Most of the fouls were garden variety according to the clinician who instructied us the morning of the game. By the way, all coaches, AD's and refs have a copy of these points of emphasis.

As it turns out, one coach locally asked for our NCAA refs to put on a clinic so his players would have the same knowledge as the refs insofar as what is called and what it looks like and WHY?? This team has transformed with the new knowledge and the most recent game of theirs I reffed had 38 fouls. These are great athletes and they will play according to what is called and what they can get away with. It will take a bit of time for them to catch on and then skill and finess take over. I wonder if this is working in the NHL??
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