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Old Mon Dec 30, 2019, 09:44am
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Originally Posted by MattReferee View Post
Screwups or mistakes happen in every sport, but understand where youíre coming from.
pregame is one of the tools used to help out , still not sure what makes a BAD official and who defines and passes that judgement along. Again what do I know
No one is saying you don't know anything.

What I am saying is that people always act as if doing something different in pregame would prevent an issue from happening. You can have a weeklong pregame and it still won't prevent s*it from occurring or make a bad/inexperienced partner a great official. The perfect example is blarges - officials always want to talk about how important it is to pregame double whistles as if doing so will prevent blarges from happening. It won't.
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Old Mon Dec 30, 2019, 09:58am
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Bad Partner

Pregames arenít so much to cover specific situations as they are to A) ensure weíre mechanically on the same page and B) just get in an officiating mindset in general. Itís like a martial artist meditating before a fight; you have a conversation about some basketball scenarios in order to get zoned in. Thatís where the true value of a good pregame lies.

You canít cover everything but you should cover a few things. In the longer run itís quite valuable. You might find yourself three weeks later thinking, ďHow handy that I thought about this in a pregame earlier this year!Ē

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Old Mon Dec 30, 2019, 03:27pm
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I worked with 2 less experienced officials last weekend. The main discussion was to work your primary. There are 3 of us out there and we all don't need to be watching the ball. If you feel the need to go fishing, you better be casting for whales and not minnows. At half-time we talked about positioning some more and rotations, moving to improve. This helped somewhat in the second half. I just touch on call selection because I did not have his/her angle and may have seen something differently. Also, if I'm looking in his area to see if he was right or wrong, who was watching my primary?

One official was concerned and he stayed after and we talked a lot about the game and calls made, the other got his check and left. One thing I pointed out was that with experience, you will generally know where you screwed up a rotation, weren't in proper position to get the call, things of that nature. Nobody is perfect, work your game and strive to get better.
"He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually correct." - Confucius
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