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Old Mon Apr 07, 2003, 02:11pm
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This last week I've had to work several games in 35 degree temperatures with our resident 30-40 MPH continuous winds. A double header in that puts a chill on your butt. Luckily the cold temps and wind has only included a very slight amount of snowflake. Aaaahhhh Spring Baseball.

Anyway I'm looking to upgrade my equipment... want to purchase a good jacket with full zipper, a zip-up collar, good water repellency. I have seen a $90 variety and believe it was on +POS's website (that seems to be down today).

What has worked well for you?

I'm using McDavids underwear (just the brand, not his personal underwear) but am also wondering about other varieties... armor. We regularly spend the first third of our season in "stay warm" clothing.
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Old Mon Apr 07, 2003, 07:24pm
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Brrr. At least you have games. We don't start until the end of the month.

If I'm in need of staying warm, I wear silk (REI) unless real cold--and I doubt we'd be playing at that cold a temp. Silk is amazingly light, very warm and not near as expensive as some of the alternatives. $40-45 will get you both uppers and lowers.

Might check it out. Although it's been a very mild winter in Anchorage, I've seldom had to wear a heavier layer of clothes. I then layer as needed on top.

I believe you're correct, DownTown, in it being +Pos with a "quilted pullover" for $90. Seems kinda steep to me...JMOHO.
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Old Mon Apr 07, 2003, 11:27pm
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Originally posted by DownTownTonyBrown
I have seen a $90 variety and believe it was on +POS's website (that seems to be down today).
With the bad experiences I and other friends have had with +POS, I don't think I'd ever consider purchasing anything from them again. If I needed POS brand products, I'd first look to Lester's Upstate Sports who provides service (something POS knows little about) and may carry the +POS product. +POS has earned their crappy reputation within the offiiciating community by the way they treat their customers.


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Old Mon Apr 07, 2003, 11:42pm
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Gerry Davis Sports has, IMO, the best looking and most versatile pullover in the Major League Replica pullover. It is navy with a stand up collar you can roll down. It is not quilt lined which means you stay comfy on those rainy summer nights. It is still lined to give you warmth and with under armor you will be more than warm enough with that combination.
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Old Tue Apr 08, 2003, 02:52pm
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My suggestion. Move South where you don't have to worry about the elements. But if you live up nort der, where I do, I combine a thermal Under Armour shirt with the Honig's Major League Replica jacket and usually am quite comfortable.
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Old Fri Apr 11, 2003, 02:36pm
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I strongly recommend what is IMO, God's gift to athletes and officials alike. Under Armour. Specifically, for cold temperatures, Under Armour Cold Gear. I like to wear the Cold Gear leggings, with the black mock turtleneck Cold Gear under my black shirt, as I have seen several MLB umpire wear. I think it looks sharp, and I do not even need a jacket until it dips below about 40 F.

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