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Old Sun Jun 12, 2005, 02:47pm
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OK,this is my 2nd year of doing FED baseball. The other night (behind the plate) I got drilled in the side of the neck between my mask and the top of my chest protector. I have no idea how the ball got in there but what a thrill!
Now, I'm thinking about it. I line up on the inside corner and do the heel of my front foot even with the toe of my other foot. I'm thinking I must have been turned inward more than normal??? Of course I'm going to tighten up my protector but does anyone have any help on how to avoid? I get hit in places that are expected but the neck shot, I didn't expect. I'm open for suggestions.
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Old Sun Jun 12, 2005, 03:07pm
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No offense intended, but my guess is you probably flinched, turning your head at the pitch that was coming towards your face, and that's how you got drilled.

Overcoming flinching takes practice and discipline. I've found it also helps, if a pitch is coming right at my face, to close my eyes right before contact. The only downside to this is then I have to go to my partner to ask if the batter swung.
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Old Sun Jun 12, 2005, 03:17pm
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I agree with Dave on the flinch, however the closing of eyes?? I use a BB2000, tucked up tight and a Honigs siglebar, cowcatcher design. Stay squaare and there will be NO neck shots
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Old Sun Jun 12, 2005, 07:35pm
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I got hit in the throat by one about 3 years ago. I don't know how it got past my mask, but I added a short mask extension after that. I had a sore throat for 2 weeks.
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Old Sun Jun 12, 2005, 07:57pm
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if you got hit in the side of the neck the throat guard does nothing for you. The same thing happened to me last year WITH the throat guard on because I flinched. Trust your cather (I know it is hard at times!!) and trust you mask to protect you. Flinching is what gets you hurt
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Old Sun Jun 12, 2005, 08:25pm
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Check to make sure that your shoulders are square to the pitcher. Not squaring yourself to the plate can expose part of your neck; especially on a ball that ricochets off the shoulder of your protector. Flinching is definitely a possibility, too.
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Old Sat Jul 02, 2005, 04:14pm
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Red face Questions for Drilled in the NecK

Of all the threads on this site, I consider safety the most important subject. Actually, it is MY OWN safety! The three most-serious, preventable injuries are the shot to the neck, the broken collar bone, and the groin/cup shot. You just don't get back up from these injuries and resume the game. I am talkin' about major first aid, a subsequent hospital visit, and follow-up care.

Fortunately, I have either been lucky enough to prevent these from happening to me (PRAY, Knock on Wood, lucky rabbit's foot, etc.) or I have taken the necessary precautions with my equipment and my stance at the plate. But I would like to ask you to be more specific about the event so WE could take preventive measures to make sure it didn't happen to US again. Would you please describe the following:

A. PRE-Game Consequences/Considerations
1. PAIN felt on the side of the neck
2. RISK of serious injury and/or DEATH
3. REWARDS of wearing proper protection

B. Proper Equipment
1. Chest protector type
2. Hockey or standard baseball mask
3. Optional throat guard, yes (describe size) or no

C. Personal Traits
1. Have a WIDE XL neck and narrow throat guard (I DO)
2. Frequently loose track of baseball during a swing
3. Frequently look away L/R/up/down from the ball

D. Answer Preventive Measures
1. How did a ball get between mask and chest protector
2. If you do flinch, a natural reaction, can you actually overcome that with practice and discipline, or sure luck?
3. Will you now consider the purchase of a $30 Itech hockey neck guard or some other fix?

Thanks for your time and don't get drilled in the neck again! .
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