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Originally Posted by Freddy View Post
SITUATION 8, RULINGS (d) and (e) seem to be incorrect, correct? Each seem to have been no later than the first dead ball after the clock had properly started.
The errors are within the correctable error time frame. The FTs can still be canceled. I'm assuming/guessing that the issue is with giving B the ball in d and e after canceling As FTs.

In the first correctable error play, i think, in case book 2.10 section team A is to get 2 shots. B rebounds the first FT and they play on. head to other end. play says B getting the rebound is not a "change of possession" so you go back and shoot As second FT and play from there.

Here, B is rebounding the FT that should have never taken place or inbounding the ball after the FTs that shouldn't have taken place. It is considered a change of possession. So A gets its two FTs cancelled and they don't get the opportunity to score after because the ball is going to B.

correctable errors are bad. If there's a screw up somebody is going to get…Here team A.

and...Now that I read C that may be his issue. When B1 grabs the ball for the throw in they have possession. i like the result better than d and e but it doesn't seem to follow the rule.

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