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Time out opportunity - FIBA

Timeout opportunity after a field goal.
The defending team can take a timeout is my understanding based on 18.2.3

18.2.3. A time-out opportunity begins when:
• For both teams, the ball becomes dead, the game clock is stopped and the official has ended his communication with the scorer's table.
• For both teams, the ball becomes dead following a successful last or only free throw.
• For the non-scoring team, a field goal is scored

Why is there a special section 18.2.8 about the last 2 minutes for the scoring team? Which rule says scoring team can take a timeout after making a field goal ? 18.2.8 confuses me

18.2.8. A time-out shall not be permitted to the scoring team when the game clock shows 2:00 minutes or less in the fourth period and in each extra period and, following a successful field goal unless an official has interrupted the game.

At the end of day what I would like to know, how can and who cant take a timeout after a field goal? The classic No Whistle scenario. Basket counts signal
How are the experienced FIBA refs calling the timeout opportunity after a field goal?

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