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Originally posted by rainmaker
Thanks for all the advice, I am busy memorizing so I can pull the right one out at the proper moment.

About my #5, "Thanks for that last call" this was totally serious and not in the least sarcastic. He meant, "We won the game because of your call, and I appreciate it" Unfortunately, the losing coach was well within ear shot and I felt as though I was being dragged into a conspiracy which I had no intention of ever joining. I couldn't think of any way to explain that I had not tried to make anyone win or lose, just call what I see. Anything I thought of sounded lame. So I just shook his hand and said "Good game, coach," and then turned to the other coach and did the same and then got the hell out of Dodge!
My response...if i was to give one..

"Coach, i hope you have the same feelings when that call goes against you" and then thank them.

My question to you is what are you doing around the coaches after the game?, as the horn sound i'm leaving the court almost immediately.

With #4, always go up to your partner(s) and confirm that you have the right conclusion then tell the coach(s), easier to sell the call if it looks like the 'crew' are in agreement.

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