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I'm new to this obsession, as you are, but I've learned a couple things about talking to coaches. First of all, sarcasm is very dangerous. I don't trust it at all. Second, when a coach is just chipping away, call after call, minute after minute, play after play, I turn to him or her, with my hand up like a cop stopping traffic, and say, "I've heard enough!" Firmly, but with no emotion. They teach this in our first year class here in Portland, and it really works. The other thing I do when a coach is quesioning a call, is quote numbers out of the rule book, like, "Rule 10-6, coach". This has always stopped them dead in their tracks. I think it tells them that I know what I'm doing. If I'm not usre which rule I want to quote, I make up numbers, but then I go home and memorize that situation so I can give the right numbers next time.

The questions I have about talking to coaches are numerous.
1) If my partner has criticized me to the coach, what if anything should I say to defend myself? (This actually happened to me this weekend)

2) When is it ever appropriate to talk to a coach at any length? Are they allowed to claim a full minute of my time if they call a time out?

3) Are there things that I should never explain to a coach, but just button my lip?

4) How do I admit I was wrong, without losing face?

5) sometimes the compliments are worse than the insults -- what do you say to the winning coach when he comes up after the game and says, "Thanks for that last call " This actually happened to me. What should I have said?
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