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Originally Posted by TimTaylor View Post
1. Per the OP's situation as described, A1 was awarded 2 free throws.

2. Per 7-2-a, the ball becomes dead when it is apparent that a free throw will not be successful on a free throw which is to be followed by another free throw. It's automatically dead - there is nothing that requires an official's whistle.

3. Now let's look at 5-1: A goal is made when a live ball enters the basket from above and remains in or passes through.

As the ball was immediately dead after A1's miss on the first FT attempt per 7-2-a, B1 can't possibly score because it is not a goal per 5-1.

The correct ruling is to disallow/cancel the "goal" by B1 and line everyone up for A1's 2nd attempt.
Sometimes we try to make calculus out of basic arithmetic.

One of the five correctable errors is failure to award a merited FT. What generally happens after we fail to award a merited FT? The ball becomes live. That's why it's an error in the first place. If we mess up in terms of applying NF 7-2a then NF 2-10 and its conditions kick in to correct things.
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