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Originally Posted by Welpe View Post
The book says exactly what Rich says that it does. All but one enforcement applies to all fouls. It's right there in the text you quoted.

But by all means, don't just actually admit you might be wrong, continue to bluster on about it for paragraphs.
On a scale of 1 - 1 Billion, where would you rank the significance of your argument, maybe a 3?

The original question related to defensive fouls behind the LOS being enforced either from the spot of the foul (NFHS), or the previous spot (NCAA). If you can force yourself to be honest, there is NOTHING WHATSOEVER about "All-But-One" that relates to Defensive fouls, other than they DON'T APPLY.

This has nothing to do with "admitting anything wrong". If you want to argue the meaning of "ALL" (taken totally out of context) knock yourself out, but you'd be a lot more challenged by a language expert, or someone else who just might care, even a little bit.