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Originally Posted by Rich View Post
Nope, you're the one who's confused.

All-but-one applies to ALL fouls. All fouls are enforced from the basic spot with the exception of the "one" - fouls committed behind the basic spot by the team with the ball at the time of the foul.
When all else fails, Rich, read the rule book;":Football Penalty Enforcement, NFHS 10-6 (page 80, 2nd paragraph):

"Enforcement philosophy is based on the fact that a team is given the advantage of the distance which is gained without assistance of a foul. It is assumed that the only foul which would give this aid is a foul by the offense behind the basic spot. Therefore, all fouls but this one, that is a foul by the offense behind the basic spot are penalized from the basic spot unless the spot is otherwise specified by rule. This one foul is penalized from the spot of the foul."

This discussion started referencing a player (presumed to be an opponent/defensive player) tackling by the facemask. The concept of, "All-But-One" applies EXCLUSIVELY to Offensive fouls

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