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Originally Posted by frezer11 View Post
I'm guessing the confusion on this issue is whether the non-pivot foot, while on the ground, and while the originally established pivot foot is in the air, can be rotated on the so-called "balls of the feet."
Right. In other words, you can only pivot on the pivot foot, and you only get one of those.

Here's a case book citation.
NFHS 4.44.2A: Dribbler A1 catches the ball with the right foot touching the floor and then jumps off that foot an alights on both feet simultaneously... RULING: ... it is a violation if A1 pivots on either foot.
Therefore, if you pivot on a non-pivot foot, that's travelling. Where this typically applies in a spin move is that the ball handler pivots on his pivot foot, then pivots on the non-pivot foot.
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