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Oh man I got something better than a T. Probably really bad yet really tempting...

That clock is running with under 10 seconds I dont blow my whistle at all and hope he throws me the ball. Then I walk to the guy out of bounds and slowly hand him the ball. And since by now they delayed the offense from getting the ball and its under 5 seconds under my breath I say do not throw, as the time will run out before he has to throw it. If the coach tries to give me any crap I will say if your kid hadnt delayed them getting the ball the 5 second count would have started a long time ago coach....

Turn my back and display an evil grin.

Honestly if a team (player isnt smart enough) to wait until about 3-4 seconds into that count and toss the ball high and deep into their front court and realize that by the time it flies in the air, is controlled by the defensive team and dribbled then shot that time will be gone then they deserve to lose. Not like college where the clock stops on a made basket and I see too many teams not understand how to use up 10 seconds easily not giving their opponent a last shot chance.
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