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Originally posted by IRISHMAFIA
Originally posted by Del-Blue

Just got a letter from Jim Craig. It says our specific uniform for the Mens B fast pitch will be Powder Blue over Gray pants. Ball Bags will be navy. We will work all three man games.

Now, to me, that combination is butt-ugly. However, I believe the next major change in uniforms may very well lead to this combination. And will lead to the embarassment for some umpires who sweat heavily.


That's the uniform required locally for ASA ball. We don't use either of the navy blue garments, except at national tournaments. Personally, I don't care enough to want to buy more stuff. Powder blue / gray with a navy ball bag (or any other single combo) means I don't double my uniform expenses.

And, what's with the guys requiring the ball bag and the pants match? Some folks just get carried away with silly requirements that just make other people spend more money.
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