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Originally Posted by zm1283 View Post
Yes, they do. All items have to be the same color for all team members and must be white, black, beige, or the predominate color of the jersey being worn. I'm confused though because your first sentence says they have to be the predominate color of the uniform.

On a side rant: Why can't they just settle on a headband/wristband/sleeve rule and stick with it? Why the constant update to the rule EVERY year? The headband rule has actually gotten more strict, since you used to be able to wear headbands that were any school color. Now they have to match the jersey color along with the other items. It's like the committee has nothing else to do so they decide "Hey lets tinker with the headband/sleeve rule again this year for the fun of it".
School color is not easily defined for every official walking into a gym to know the official school colors of every school they work.
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