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American Legion Game

Runner on third with one out. As the pitcher delivers the pitch, the runner breaks for home and the batter swings and foul tips the ball and takes a step towards first base. As the plate umpire I signal foul tip and a strike as the runner from third base slides under the catcher's tag. I signal safe. I saw no interference on the batter.

The defensive coach went nuts, I grant him time and listen to him tell me the batter interferred with his catcher's play at home, I explain to him what I saw and that in my judgement I have strke one one the batter and the runner from third scoring with no interference.

The defensive coach asked me to get help from my partner who was in the C position. My partener tells me that he saw the tip from the batter but became blocked out by R5 who broke for home with the runner.

I then explained to the defensive coach that my call stands, strike one on the batter, no interference and the run socres.

Any suggestions?


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