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Originally Posted by dinoian View Post
I was recently at an NCAA college hockey game, where I was a bit confused by a call. A1 is coming out of the penalty box as the puck comes into the semicircle right outside the penalty boxes, and A1 plays it, but is immediately called for interference. Is the player coming out of the box not allowed to play the puck until he's outside of this semicircle? That's the only thing I can think of, as there were no other players in the area, but I'd just like to confirm it, and hear the logic behind this rule if it is one.
The semi circle has no bearing on the flow of play... It is simply the referees privileged area... While the referee is reporting to the timekeeper, no player is allowed inside that area

Not having seen the play, the only possibility may be that the player played the puck with one or both skates still inside the box. Players aren't eligible to touch the puck until they are completely on the ice.
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