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Originally Posted by RKBUmp View Post
And what proof do you have anything has been discovered other than the current BOO? An inning after the fact you have a coach who has brought you their score book indicating the flex had batted the previous inning. What do you do if the other teams score book doesn't show the flex batting?
I think it is assumed that when one posts a question, the facts of the question are true. The OP of a thread shouldn't have to prove to others that his facts are correct. Given the facts laid out by the OP, we should answer the questions posted.

Per both NFHS and ASA, any time the Flex bats without going into the DP slot, it's an illegal sub, and not BOO. Penalize accordingly.

In this case, Flex illegally batted for B1. Then we have the additional issue of B1 batting out of turn when B2 was due up. Again, penalize accordingly.
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