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Originally Posted by RKBUmp View Post
One year my kids little league decided to institute the 5 run per inning rule (8 with continuation of play), but with a twist. A team could only score 5 per inning, unless they were behind. Then they could score up to the score of the team ahead, plus 5 runs.
Our league isn't that bad. We still have a 5 per inning rule, but the only exception to this rule is the last scheduled inning (not the last inning due to a time limit).

I had a game once where the teams had no problem scoring. We get to the 6th inning with is 23-19. Home team behind. Visiting team scores 7 runs to go up 30-19. Final score 31-30. The last inning took 55 minutes to play, while the rest of the game had taken an hour and 50 minutes.
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