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Originally posted by DaveASA/FED
Just to make sure I am following you all. You would call a dead ball and reset the field (R1 at first) and BR at the plate? No matter if R1 was safe or out at 2nd? What if it was a passed ball? And if you would reset R1 is this different than a runner taking off to 1st on ball 3 thinking it's 4 in that this was an umpire act that changed the count not a player/coaches screw up?
Based on the original scenario, safe or out is irrelevent. It was stated that R1 was trotting to 2B, thereby only attempting to advance due to what was perceived as ball 4.

If it is a passed ball, you're not going to ask until after the play finishes. R1 stays wherever she ends up. If put out, I would have to be at 2B and I would need to believe the call placed the runner in jeopardy, B comes back to assume count.
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