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Originally Posted by MD Longhorn View Post
Then this was called correctly. B5 is not in the game... he can't just rush in. And you can't make a substitution by having one of your 5 sit, and then sending someone else into the game.

If B5 had been one of the 5 on the court (i.e. HE was the one who erroneously left the court and sat down), and they weren't (in the referee's opinion) doing this to gain an advantage or trick the other team - they should have simply played on.
Had a similar situation last year. Team A only had 5 players. At one point during play, the coach from team A took one player aside sat her down and was instructing her. We let play go on. She came back in after the next whistle. A little while later the same girl drove to the basket, got fouled and sprained her ankle real bad--she had to be taken out of the game. Since there were no subs to come in to shoot the ft's who do you suppose, by rule, gets to shoot those free throws?
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