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Originally Posted by MD Longhorn View Post
I think the problem here is that Strike4 asked a question without specifying the context. Re-state the new scenario you want a ruling on, and we can respond.

Remember, though... interference with a FIELDER is ruled on via one rule; interference with the ball is ruled via a different rule (or rules, really). Often the ruling is the same, but we're discussing here (at least in the OP) one of the times it's not.
Here is the new scenario:

R1 on 1B and leaves at the release of the pitch. B2 hits a ground ball that touches F1 glove and then hits R1 while sliding toward 2B. F4 stops just prior to running into R1 who is between her and the deflected ball. F4 would have caught the ball and tagged 2B for an out if the ball had not hit R1. Is this interference and R1 out? Would it have been interference if F4 had not stopped and ran into R1 while trying to get to the ball?
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