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Connecticut: The Land Of Stupid Officials ???

Originally Posted by PG_Ref View Post
2013-2014 Rules Interpretations

SITUATION 2: Prior to the start of the game, an official notices that several Team A members are wearing: black leg sleeves and white headbands. RULING: Legal. The rules do not require wristbands, headbands, arm and leg sleeves to all be the same color. (3-5-3, 3-5-4a)
We're doing something different in Connecticut:

CONNECTICUT ONLY: Head and wrist bands, along with knee and arm sleeves, must all be the same color.

Just what we need, to make a "Fashion Police" rule more stringent than it legally is. For what possible reason can we be doing this? I've been told that it was to make it easier for officials, coaches, and players, to understand. Coaches, and players, I can understand. But officials? Some Grand Poobah here in Connecticut thinks that officials are too stupid to understand the "real" rule. Give me a break.

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