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Originally Posted by batterypowered View Post
fashion police expanded...oh well.

I do remember seeing the pecking order revealed on a boys varsity team i was calling one night. Oppossing coach (home team) comes up to me before the game and points out that players on the other team are not wearing the same colored sweat bands. I sigh and walk over to the coach and have him call over the two players. I politely point out that all players must be wearing the same color and tell them one of them must either change to the other color, take them off or not play. The taller of the two players (and the one that had been nailing three pointers the entire time we had been on the floor) looks at the other kid and said "dude, i just brought this color. It sucks but you gotta either change or take your's off." other kid but his head down and took his off. As they walked off the coach says "you know, a dictatorship is easy to manage."
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