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assuming the player established a pivot before he jumped, the player can't dribble anymore because he already lifted his pivot before releasing the ball so it'd be a travel right?

unless he merely came into contact with the ball while on the floor & yet catch/secure the ball and only manage to do it while already airborne, this case he hasn't established a pivot until he has landed, so he can actually just hold the ball until he land or "drop" the ball as a mean to start a dribble.

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If that is correct, then you are right that once A1 touches the ball the play is illegal. But if it's (determined to be) a pass, then it's not illegal until it's touched by A1. If it's (determined to be) a dribble, then it *might* be illegal as soon as A1 begins the dribble. And, you *might* not be able to determine which it is until later (or maybe you can make such a determination). That's the focus of the discussion.
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