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I must correct myself.

I agree that's what the manuals say; however, experience is the teacher.

PU may begin at FBLE and then as the throw comes and he sees the slide PU would need to move left or right in order to see the tag.

Bottom line is PU was at FBLE and did NOT see the tag.

Thus, he did not do something to adjust to the play.

I misread the original post, I thought that the runner was standing up on and the tag was away from the plate.

So I must amend my original opinion.

This is totally PU's call. I would never ask for help on this type of play.

Sorry for the confusion.

My original post about positioning was for a play in which the runner is standing up and there is a swipe tag attempt or a run-down situation.


Originally posted by insatty

Your wrong about your assertion that the "PU has no business at FBLE." The Umpire's Manual instructs experienced umpires to start at point-of-plate extended and read the throw. If you have a throw from infielder to plate, then throw will likely be on target and F2 will likely block plate, making FBLE appropriate. If throw is from outfield and will likely take F2 away from plate, swipe tag is more likely making TBLE appropriate. The manual instructs less experienced umpires to use FBLE as default position for all plate plays.

In the play here, while F1 fielded ball F2 was setting up at plate to take throw and block plate. Thus FBLE is crucial to PU's optimum angle.
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