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Sometimes it okay

I see your point and I agree totally that sometimes its okay to ask for help.

However, I still contend that if there is a tag play up the line, then PU has no business at FBLE.

All he has to do it drop step a few steps and move left and he should be able to see the tag.

The rest of my opinion was stated above.


Originally posted by Bfair
PU's got to make the call here.
BU may just as easily have been screened by the play as apparently PU was.
There is no guarantee that partner has a better angle (like that available when getting help on a pulled foot at 1B) .

With the ball hit where it was, it's a very risky play for R3---and likely a poor decision---to be breaking to the plate. His poor decision loses him the benefit of the doubt. When they take questionable risks they better clearly win.

If the play beats the runner, he's out until a definite miss is seen.
If the tag occurs near to home plate, then the PU should have adjusted to the play to achieve a better angle on the tag. He shouldn't be pushing this call off on the BU. He might be able to gain a little help by slowing his timing and reading the reaction of F1 or R3---but PU has to make this call.

What does this PU do if he's BU and gets screened on a swipe tag at 2B?
(Remembrances of a WS swipe tag on a runner going to 2B.....)
Does he turn to his PU for help............?????
Sometimes you just have to make the call---right or wrong.

Just my opinion,


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