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Originally posted by bob jenkins
Originally posted by Ralph Stubenthal
In high school 3 person mechanics I am told that you don't switch on a foul which causes the ball to go the other direction ie. a foul by the offense in the front court.
I think FED has removed this mechanic for next year. ;(
Yes, that's correct. I meant to add that in my first reply.

The only reason it was added 2 years ago was because the NCAA had added it. There was even an NCAA rep. present at the rules committee meeting, who stated that it was a good change and the NCAA would cointinue with it. A month later, the NCAA kicks it out.
Mr. Knox was the Rules Chariman at the time and told us the story at our state clinic two years ago. He actually told us they would take it out the very next year but I guess they waited, since a new Mechanics Manual is printed this year.
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