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Originally Posted by BretMan View Post
This was touched on last year in the 2012 Preseason Guide. There is an illustration there which might be the one MD is thinking of. But of the three pictures shown (those black sillouette pict-o-gram looking things) it doesn't seem to be showing the type of headband in Manny's post.

I don't have a scanner available to post this. The article in the guide seems more concerned with the color of the headbands/caps/visors/ribbons, since that was part of the rule changes last year.

As far as material, it does say this: Plastic visors, bandanas and hair-beads are prohibited.

Absent a more definitive ruling, in my judgment this would fall under the rules covering "hair control devices". Since it is neither flat nor less than 2 inches, it would be prohibited.
That's it. Same one. The middle picture is definitely thinner than the one posted in the OP... but the device in the middle picture is definitely longer than 2 inches, and is definitely a hair control device (and actually extends FURTHER than the one in the OP).

I think we can agree the one shown in the OP is not a plastic visor, is not a bandana, and is not a hair bead.
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