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This is my second year, too, and I'm finding that I have two tools that work. One, as mentioned in the Talking to Coaches thread, is to just quote the rule number. If I'm desperate, I make it up, but I have gone through and memorized a few of the common complaint numbers. This really shuts them up for some reason which I'm not quite sure of. I just say quietly, "Rule 9-7, Coach" or "Coach it's in section 10-6" I've been amazed.

The other thing that works when they are complaining about "Watch for the fouls, ref" "Three seconds! Three seconds!" over and over, I finally turn to them WHEN IT'S CONVENIENT, "Coach, if you want me to discuss it, you need to call a time out." I've actually had coaches do this a couple of times this year and it scared me at first, but I kept my cool, explained succinctly, and it worked. No more yelling! I don't quite know why and it may not work for you, but you might try it and see.

These things are for when the coach is just "chipping". If they ask an honest question, like, "What'd she do ref?" I always answer immediately and quickly, and then get on with the game. But the other stuff is too annoying for me to ignore all game--I'm with you there!
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