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Lightbulb Mike.

You are talking way too much to the coaches. If they cannot show you some respect and talk to you when you are standing next to them, do not give them a time of day. I would never say just simply ignore a coach, because what they say can help you anticipate their mood. When you hear some of the comments, you know when it is getting out of hand or not, then and only then can you react with a warning or even a T. This takes time to understand. My process got speeded up by doing football as a Side Judge and an Umpire in baseball and softball. I was able by doing all of these sports including basketball to understand what I need to say and when I needed to keep my mouth shut. It also depends on your years of experience and how they react to you. If coaches know you are new, the will talk to you totally different, then if you were a seasoned veteran. And most of all, you almost never want to talk to a coach being stupid when you are reporting a foul.
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