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Originally posted by sprivitor
IN ASA for 10U,

Only 1 base per pitch may be stolen, but not home.

Is there any condition where a runner at 3rd can run home if the ball is not put into play by a hit?

If Batter is walked with base on balls, with runner at 3rd, offense sends BR to 2nd who doesn't violate the look back rule. Pitcher makes an attempt on BR (throw to 2nd), can runner at 3rd go home?

I wish we could dispel this notion that the ASA 10U rules state that the runner can only "steal" one base per pitch and can't "steal" home.

The rule says, "Runners starting at first or second base are entitled to advance or steal (not just steal) one base only per pitch... Runners starting at third base may not steal or advance home.... Runners can only score on: a) a batted ball, b) a base on balls or hit batter with the bases full, or c) on an awarded base when the ball goes out of play or on an illegal pitch. (exerpts from ASA 8-4-H)

In your situation, R1 cannot advance home on the attempt to throw the BR out (unless the ball is thrown out of play, and in that case, home is awarded). And, the BR will be returned to 1B if she is not tagged.
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