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I Insist You Persist

Originally Posted by Stat-Man View Post
Last night was my first meeting for rule changes, POEs, and meeting assignors for possible game assignments.

One assignor I wanted to talk to left so I sent him an email to ask about what area/schools he assigns, since he indicated he had assignments available for first year officials. I wasn't expecting to get an e-mail back that indicates I'd need to pay a nominal fee in order to be added to his arbiter group.

I have no problem with the fee, but I'd hate to pay it only to find he doesn't assign anything in my immediate are. Does anyone have any similar experiences?
What he requires as far as a fee is standard in many areas. But he didn't answer your question. Persist in your efforts to find out what area/schools he assigns either by follow-up contacts with him or with others who are assigned by him. That information should be free.
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