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My first thought is it is clarifying what would happen in the unlikely event the penalty was declined. Some might think "incomplete pass" and go to the previous spot.

This might also go with the premise that an illegal forward pass in the end zone would result in a safety regardless of what the defense chooses.

Let's say it's 4th and 10 at the A5 and A is punting with a 4-point lead and 20 seconds left on the clock. The punter bobbles the snap and rather than trying to kick it he attempts to throw it before he's tackled. But there is no eligible receiver in the area so the R drops a flag for IG. Without this language, B might decline the foul thinking they'll get the ball at the A5 with a chance for a TD. But since declining the penalty gives A the ball at the spot of the illegal pass, it would be safety either way.
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