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Originally Posted by REFANDUMP View Post
The way I read 8-1-6 is that it applies to a reserve and not an original turn of service.

The rules I feel apply are 6-4-6 "A request for the teams serving order may be made by that teams coach or captain while the ball is dead." and 9-3-1 "A live ball is in play from the moment is legally contacted by the correct server until a dead ball occurs". Since the ball was dead when the lineup check was requested, as it was requested before contact by the server, shouldn't this request be allowed ?? I agree that common sense would figure it should not, but I cannot find a rule stating such.
From page 33 of the current NFHS case book (you could replace the word substitution with lineup check, service order, or time-out... they're all requests):

10.1.2 SITUATION: During a set, the coach requests a substitution: (a) before the first referee signals for the serve; (b) after the first referee signals for the serve, but before the server’s contact with the ball; (c) after contact has been made with the serve.

RULING: (a) legal, substitution permitted, (b) and (c) coach’s request is ignored and play continues.

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