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Originally posted by Art H
I would like to know what you fellow officials would say to the following comments a high school coach would say to you during a game. These are comments you hear time and time again. I also realize that a coach doesn't always deserve a response but if you were to give him/her one then what would you say?

1. "call it both ways ref"
2. "look at the fouls ref, it's 7 to 1"
3. "he went over his back ref" This is during a rebound with his player in front of the opponent and no call is made.
4. "when are you going to call the 3 secs ref"
5. When you make a blocking call on his player and the coach insists that he was set.
6. "Isn't the hand part of the ball" This would be on a shot attempt.

If anyone can come up with any others that you hear all the time then I would like to hear them.
1. "So you are questioning my integrity?"

2. "And that means what?"

3. "Show me that rule in the rulebook."

4. "When they are in the lane for 3 seconds"

5. "His(or her) feet were set, is that not what you coaches think is a PC foul?"

6. "Yes."
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