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Originally Posted by David M View Post
I did a search on this site and found that using the gorilla arm is a balk in Fed but not in OBR. In OBR would it make a difference if the ball was in the hand attached to the arm that was swinging?
Are you talking about a pitcher swinging his arm while he's down in the stretch looking in for the signal? If so, I'm surprised this is considered a balk in any organization. What FED rule is this in violation of?

So, No, it doesn't matter what hand the ball is in as the pitcher does this under OBR.

(Edited to add) Okay, I did a quick search on this board for "gorilla", and found some pertinent discussions. I guess it was deemed a balk in Fed under the guise that a pitcher who is in the stretch must have his pitching hand on his back or down his side.

Those discussions were over five years old. I suppose NFHS didn't come to its senses yet and instructed to ignore this, right?
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