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Originally Posted by jwwashburn View Post
8.4.1d just covers the bat that he still holds, right?
8.4.1d does not mention that the bat is still in the batter's hands. That's only mentioned under 8.4.1.d2.

So as I understand the rule, if the batter drops the bat after hitting the ball and takes off for first base, 8.4.1d tells us that unless there's intent to contact the ball a second time, it's either Live (if fair) or Foul.

Unfortunately, the two casebook plays for 8.4.1d both involve the bat still being in the batter's hand. There is no casebook play for when the batter releases the bat.

In OBR, it's simple: If the bat moves towards and contacts the ball, it's considered interference, regardless of intent. If the ball, however, moves towards the bat and contacts it, it's nothing.
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