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Originally Posted by mbcrowder View Post
Wow, that's awful. Might want to speak with your higher-ups on this. Every clinic I've been to (that addresses this) stresses doing as little as possible that might tip off either side. We adjudicate the game - we don't want to affect it if that can be avoided. Both of your actions have a good chance of affection gameplay.
Well SRW usually wanders around to correct me when I get to far off the reservation, so he'll probably be along soon if this is frowned upon here. But I will ask when I get a chance. And yes if it's the third out I suppose my mask is coming off anyway.

But if it's the first or second out, it seems like I'm definitely going to tip at least a little so why not just get the best angle? For that matter at the very least I should turn and watch (or if I have other responsibilities as well I'm going to be looking back and forth). Suppose the batter runner gets almost to the dugout and as she's putting her foot down the coach tells her to run and she gets to first safely. Now the DC calls time and insists she touched something in the dugout when she got there. Don't you want to know for sure?
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