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Originally Posted by MNBlue View Post
Although I would change one thing with this mechanic, I like the fact that NCAA is letting everyone know that we have a strike three and an uncaught pitch. I would like to see this or some similar type of mechanic in all codes.

If we have a trapped ball on a batted ball, don't we signal or annouce "no catch"? If we have a missed tagged by the defense, don't we announce "No tag" and signal safe? Why can't we tell the offense and the defense that we have a strike three and an uncaught pitch? Other than the reason that it isn't an approved mechanic.
I agree. The mechanic SHOULD BE that we make a call. This is the only time that for some we are instructed not to tell the world whether a runner is safe or out when it is in doubt whether they are or aren't.

Something as simple as calling the batter out upon a 3rd strike caught, and not calling the batter out on an uncaught one, would seem to be consistent with everything else.

But until they make that change - I do as I'm told.
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