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Originally Posted by jicecone View Post
Well at least we got someone to read the book.
The book doesn't exactly make it clear but FED did in a rules interp (Sit. 4):

2009 NFHS Baseball Rules Interpretations

SITUATION 4: The pitcher is wearing a white compression type-sleeve on his pitching arm. The opposing coach states that he cannot wear it and, therefore, must remove it. RULING: A compression or medical-type sleeve may be worn by any player, including the pitcher. If it is white and worn on the pitching arm, it cannot extend below the elbow. (1-4-2)
SITUATION 5: The pitcher is wearing a white compression sleeve on his pitching arm that extends below the elbow. RULING: This is not allowed. While a pitcher may wear a compression sleeve, if it is white and worn on his pitching arm, it may not extend below his elbow. A compression sleeve of any length that is neither white nor gray, or deemed to be distracting, may be worn by the pitcher on either arm. (1-4-2)

SITUATION 6: The pitcher is wearing (a) a white compression sleeve that extends from his bicep to his wrist on his non-throwing arm or (b) a compression sleeve that has a light-blue spider-web design. RULING: In (a), provided this is not deemed to be distracting, it is allowed. In (b), provided it is not distracting, it may be worn on either arm. (1-4-2)

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