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Originally Posted by twocentsworth View Post
I thought that the crew did a poor job in two areas:

1) dribble hand-off screens....WAY too much illegal contract by screener that impacted RSBQ of defenders. This was an emphasis during the year that was ignored last night. (this occurred primarliy when Kentucky was on offense))
The pick n roll with the UK guards & AD did catch my eye, but I thought they were marginal at best.
Doesnt RSBQ pertain to the ball handler?

Originally Posted by twocentsworth View Post
2) post defenders (on BOTH ends) were allowed to significantly chest/body bump offensive players in the post after they received a pass....on several occassions, the offensive player was almost knocked over (let alone knocked off balance).
I liked that they allowed the bigs to bang in a National C'Ship game.
Aggresive, physical play is always ok. Rough play is never ok.
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