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Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
Is the "delayed dead ball" aspect of these types of interference the same?

R1 is stealing when the (A) umpire, or (B) batter interferes with F2, whose throw goes into center field. The runner tries for third and is thrown out by F8.

I know in (B) that as soon as the throw does not retire the runner, the interference is enforced (in this instance, the batter is out and the runner returns).

Is it the same in A (except no one is out, of course), or does the play stand?

Looking for OBR, NCAA and FED rules on this.
Bob, See NCAA page 74: 6-3a.

The ball becomes dead and baserunners return when the plate umpire interferes with the catcher's attempt to throw anywhere.

See you at the clinic tonight.
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